No sleep ’til PA

Howdy folks. I will get to doing some more stuff here again soon. For now i wanted to let folks know that i am safely back at home in PA. There is so much to do that it is rather daunting, but i got started digging out today and will have to simply keep at it.

"Stand By Me" Bridge

“Stand By Me” Bridge

I don’t have a schedule set for when more PCT info, stories, and pictures will begin to appear here, but they will.

Experimental Forest?!?

Experimental Forest?!?

Also, I will begin a new writing exercise “soon”, which will be my path towards becoming more familiar with brevity. You can re-read that last sentence a few times and note that brevity and i don’t often dance to the same songs…

Washington is pretty

Washington is pretty

I can already hear some “isn’t this more of a status update than a blog post” grumblings. Sure, but six months with no Facebook has been fantastic and i am not at all eager to plug back in there. So, you get a short-ish post here with a few pictures!

Casa de Luna Banner-Done

Casa de Luna Banner-Done

Casa Banner-closeup

Casa Banner-closeup

Be Well. More Soon. Right On!



One Response to No sleep ’til PA

  1. Stand By Me bridge! You are my hero!

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