JMT Day 10 – June 10, 2012

Squaw Lake – Lake Edison Ferry and VVR!!

10,300 – 7900 (+ 450 / – 2850 ft) – 9.4 miles  *Silver Pass

Free Maps Online – Day 9 – Map 11 and 10

Photos Open to the Public on Facebook

The rest of the climb up to Silver Pass was fine and the views were nice up there. Then it was a whole lot of downhill to VVR. A few blowdowns, but nothing too bad. There were one or two areas where we had to simply cut a switchback, but we stayed on trail as much as possible.

There were three stream crossings. Nothing too terrible. I was able to rock hop the first two, but had to walk through the last one.

We made it to the ferry zone with almost two hours to spare, found some nice sand, took off the boots and laid down in the sun until 4:45 when the ferry arrived.

We rode over with Southern and Rubs – two awesome and funny PCT hikers.

We were checked-in by Sweet Marie, got ourselves a private tent-cabin, got our free beer, and began the relaxing. Knowing that we would zero the next day helped make everything feel super and lovely and easy.

Alex and Sye were there with their friend Spencer. We talked with them a bunch and met many other fine folks over the next few days.

It is going to be difficult to capture all the great experiences at VVR, and I am certain I won’t be able to get them into chronological order, but I shall share the highlights and try to give a sense of what it was like for us to be there.

2 Responses to JMT Day 10 – June 10, 2012

  1. Jon Sweet says:

    Oh crap! I read them all and have to wait again. Damn you and your fascinating adventures!

    • Guthrey says:

      There are still a few days prepared in the queue. There might not be a break, but if there is it won’t be until after day 13… Glad you are enjoying reading the story!

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